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"Doula right thing" by choosing the service(s) that best fit your birthing journey needs. Faith to Fruition offers a wide range of support services from fertility support to postpartum support and care. All services can be provided virtually or in-person. While some services are included within a package, each service can be selected on its own and customizable packages are available.  Don't see a service you'd be interested in, contact me for more information. 

Free Consultation

Conducted in-person or virtually, consultations provide the client(s) the opportunity to ask questions, get more information about the services provided, how those services would be employed with them and to get an overall feel for the doula. ALL services begin with a consultation no matter what type of support you wish to receive. It is important for the client(s) and doula to "fit" well in order to provide the best level of support possible. 

Loss Support

Support and help is provided to the client(s) who are experiencing a loss of their baby, whether that loss be through miscarriage, stillbirth, or a diagnosis that may result in the baby not living long after being delivered. Loss support is also offered to those that have decided to make the choice to abort their pregnancy. 

Birthing Support

Support is provided during the labor and delivery process. This includes providing the client with in-person or virtual support to help the client manage pain during labor and help labor progress by employing various methods. Support is also provided to the client's non-medical labor team in order to make sure they can be a helpful, active part of the labor and delivery process. 

Family Planning, Fertility Support

Support is offered to those in their journey to become pregnant. This can include providing information about various options, providing resource recommendations and referrals and check-ins with clients as they go through the process. 

Prenatal Care and Support

Support is provided to birthers during the pregnancy journey leading up to labor and delivery. This can include attending appointments with the client, providing the client with information, resources and referrals to optimize their experience while pregnant and prepare them to give birth. 

Postpartum Care and Support

Support is provided both emotionally and physically after the birth of the baby, through the fourth (4th) trimester. This includes offering breastfeeding knowledge and support, helping with newborn care, such as diaper changes, naps, and feedings, helping your family learn and become comfortable with baby soothing and bonding methods, helping with light household duties and helping with the client’s post birth comfort measures.

What My Clients Say

Aryanna, Virtual Birthing and Postpartum Care Client

Lyssa is an incredible doula. She made me feel supported and educated while also providing a judgment free space for me to share and grow. 

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